Simplify your data stack

The power of Elasticsearch directly from Apache Cassandra

Elassandra combines Cassandra and Elasticsearch in a single powerful integrated solution

Elasticsearch is an opensource distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine built on top of Apache Lucene.


Apache Cassandra is a distributed database  providing linear scalablity and proven fault-tolerence for mission-critical data.


Elassandra provides mission-critical Elasticsearch allowing to directly search in your Apache Cassandra data on many datacenters.


Simplifier data pipeline for Elasticsearch

By using Cassandra as a primary data storage for Elasticserach, Elassandra eliminating the need to periodically replicate and synchronize data to Elasticsearch.

Cross datacenter replication for Elasticsearch

Cassandra supports asynchronous multi-datacenter replication and various mechanisms to repair lost data.

Elasticsearch Stack

Elassandra remains compatible with the Elasticsearch stack, allowing to use popular Kibana, Logstash, Beat, Spark  and various plugins.

A masterless architecture

Elassandra remove the single point of failure of Elasticsearch by using a distributed transaction to manage Elasticsearch configuration.

A simpler management

Strapdata provide support and a plugin to monitor and secure Elasticsearch as Cassandra.

Scale on demand

Elassandra automatically reshard your Elasticsearch indiceswhenadding  nodes, allowing to smoothly scale-out to fit your business needs without down-time or heavy maintenance operations.

Try it on Instaclustr

Instaclustr provides managed services for Cassandra, Spark and now for Elassandra. Deploy you free trial cluster on Instaclutr.

Solar PV Plants monitoring

Ciel & Terre build and deploy floating solar PV systems monitored with Elassandra.

Elassandra architecture

Elassandra provides Cassandra and Elasticsearch access to your data