Elassandra Enterprise

Advanced features and technical support into a single pack.

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Elassandra Enterprise plugin (for Elassandra

Elassandra Enterprise docker image

Elasticsearch Join

Join multiple Elasticsearch indices sharing the same Cassandra partition key

JMX Management & Monitoring

Manage and monitor both Elasticsearch and Cassandra over JMX.

Network Encryption

SSL/TLS network encryption for Elasticsearch client-to-node and node-to-node connections.

Authentication, Authorization & Audit

User Authentication, Role-Based Access Control, and Audit trail for Elasticsearch.

Content-Based Security

Restrict access to sensitive Elasticsearch documents or fields according to user’s roles.

Elasticsearch Join

Elassandra Enterprise supports query time join accross Elasticsearch indices sharing the same Casandra partition key. This allows to efficiently join many Cassandra tables on the partition key without network overhead.

Elasticsearch JMX Managment & Monitoring

The JMX feature exposes Elasticsearch statistics over JMX, allowing to monitor both Cassandra and Elasticsearch indices within a single JMX monitoring tool. The JMX monitoring is compatible with the Cassandra pluggable metric reporter and can periodically push JMX statistics to InfluxDB or Prometheus and build dashboard with grafana. Finally, JMX allows to gracefully enable/disabled search on a node for maintenance operations.


Protect your data with SSL/TLS network encryption for Elasticsearch client-to-node and node-to-node connections. Based on the Cassandra SSL certificates and settings, it supports SSL client authentication and standard JCE algorithms and protocols.

Elasticsearch Authentication, Authorization & Audit

Elassandra Enterprise provides Elasticsearch user authentication, role-based access control, and audit trail for Elasticsearch. User authentication and authorization relies on the underlying Cassandra authenticator and role-based authorizer, thus providing unified security for both Cassandra and Elasticsearch. Elassandra Enterprise also include a Cassandra LDAP Authenticator.  Accounting can be done in a flat file on every nodes, or in a Cassandra table that you can index in Elasticsearch to get a per user report.

Elasticsearch Content-Based Security

In order to protect sensitive data, the Elasticsearch Content-Based Security allows you to restrict access of some Elasticsearch documents (Document-Level Security) or some document fields (Field-Level Security) according to user’s roles.