Simplify your data stack

The power of Elasticsearch™ directly from Apache Cassandra™

Stay Cool on Outage

Elassandra is the only open source Database and Search Engine based on a multi-master architecture. Resilient by design, Elassandra continuously serves requests when a server or a datacenter fails. Read more.

Keep it Simple and Secure

By using Apache Cassandra™ as a primary data storage for Elasticsearch™, Elassandra eliminates the need to continuously replicate and synchronise data to Elasticsearch™. With integrated security and monitoring, Elassandra makes your data stack simple, secure and easy to manage.

Optimise your Cloud Costs

Run your applications anywhere, in any datacenter, across clouds or on premise. Elassandra gives you the flexibility to migrate and the freedom to choose your cloud provider.

Elassandra combines Apache Cassandra™ and Elasticsearch™ in a single powerful integrated solution

is an opensource distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine built on top of Apache Lucene.


Apache Cassandra™ is a distributed database  providing linear scalablity and proven fault-tolerence for mission-critical data.


provides mission-critical Elasticsearch™ allowing to directly search in your Apache Cassandra™ data on many datacenters.

Elassandra architecture

Elassandra is Apache Cassandra with a closely integrated Elasticsearch engine. Cassandra data can be indexed in Elasticsearch without being duplicated.

Master-Slave vs. Multi-Master

Why Elassandra Is A Mission Critical Database And Search Engine?

Master-Slave databases are well known for more than three decades. Whatever a database is monolithic or distributed, SQL or NoSQL, when an outage occurs, a master-slave system requires a runtime decision to promote a slave node or a slave datacenter to the master role. The runtime decision to switch must be taken carefully, not too fast, otherwise you can get an unstable system. By contrast, Cassandra and Elassandra relaxe the consistency and repair the data asynchronously with a Last Write Win strategy and thus continuously take read/write operations on available nodes. Finally, with Cassandra and Elassandra, you just need to periodically check there is no regression in the resiliency of your application. Netflix has even develop Chaos Monkey, a tool that randomly terminates virtual machine instances and containers that run inside of their production environment to check that !

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